WhitePaper | Seven Top M&A Deal Killers and How to Avoid Them

Seven Top M&A Deal Killers and How to Avoid Them

Maybe you’ve heard the saying that tech companies are generally bought, not sold. What this means is that you may have very little control over who acquires your company and, perhaps more importantly, when that acquisition takes place.

Constant readiness then becomes imperative in order to both look attractive to potential buyers and to maximize the value of your company. Every day buyers are combing through long lists of companies to acquire, so it pays to be aware of the steps you should be taking today to make sure you’re ready tomorrow.

In this whitepaper, David Ron and Kevin Scott reveal how to avoid the seven top M&A deal killers.



Company team
David Ron

CFO at TruValue Labs

David has 20 years’ experience as a CFO leading venture-backed technology companies through their business life cycles and creating value for their shareholders.  Learn More

Company team
Kevin Scott

Managing Director at SVB Capital

Kevin Scott has a 20+ year track record of achievement across financial operations, M&A, venture capital, and investment management. Kevin advises small private as well as Fortune 50 companies on M&A strategy, process and execution.  Learn More


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