New Innovations in Reps and Warranties Insurance to Accelerate Deals in 2021

Although representations and warranties insurance (RWI) has been available in the marketplace for several years, this specialty product has not always been fully understood or utilized. More recently, as the product has improved and awareness has grown, the use of representations and warranties insurance has increasingly become an important tool to bridge negotiation gaps and close deals that otherwise might not get done.

In this webinar, ShareVault welcomes Patrick Stroth of Rubicon M&A Insurance Services to dive into how representations and warranties insurance can play an integral part in negotiating transactions, winning bids, and finding a means of closing deals in today’s challenging M&A environment. Patrick will also address the changes that have occurred in the past year with more competition and what to expect going forward in light of the huge demand for this product.

In this 60-minute webinar, participants will learn:

  • What's covered?

  • What's not covered? 

  • What are the costs & who pays?

  • What is the process? 

  • What's changed in R&W?

  • What are the biggest benefits R&W delivers (aside from closing the deal)

Watch the recording to explore this important topic and how the inclusion of R&W Insurance could benefit your next M&A transaction.



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Company team

Patrick Stroth, ARM

Rubicon M&A Insurance Services 

Mr. Patrick Stroth is the president and CEO of Rubicon M&A Insurance Services and host of M&A Masters, a podcast where he speaks with leading experts in mergers and acquisitions. Rubicon Insurance Services, LLC. is a practice focussed on harnessing niche insurance tools to empower sellers of companies to secure a clean exit from their M&A transactions faster, and with significantly more cash at closing. Learn more...