New Innovations in Reps and Warranties Insurance to Accelerate Deals in 2021

In this webinar, Patrick Stroth of Rubicon M&A Insurance Services dives into the role representations and warranties insurance will play in your next M&A transaction.

Discover in this 60-minute webinar, the answers to R&W questions such as:

  • What is covered?

  • What is not covered? 

  • What are the costs & who pays?

  • What is the process? 

  • What is changed in R&W?

  • The biggest benefits R&W delivers

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Company team

Patrick Stroth, ARM

Rubicon M&A Insurance Services 

Mr. Patrick Stroth is the president and CEO of Rubicon M&A Insurance Services and host of M&A Masters, a podcast where he speaks with leading experts in mergers and acquisitions. Rubicon Insurance Services, LLC. is a practice focussed on harnessing niche insurance tools to empower sellers of companies to secure a clean exit from their M&A transactions faster, and with significantly more cash at closing. Learn more...